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Ornetta, St Catherines Catholic School


This was a book which I never thought I would like. But as I said, like not love. It’s really interesting but to me, you don't really understand the points supposed to stand out. Like its structure is in poetic form but there not really any poetry that I could find. Except for a few metaphors and similes’. Also, it’s not really fully about basketball, the boy didn't even know how to play at the start, and in the middle and good surprise was his team lost in a match. Overall, the point if the story is confusing because you don’t really know what it's supposed to be about exactly as he has to go to his Grandparents house because he got in trouble at home and his mother can't handle it. I also didn't understand the point if going to his grandparents except learning basketball there. I thought it was very good that comic images were included once in a while for the reader to picture the scenes. Honestly, I don't think this book should win because it seems like the author just decided to write a book about anything to be honest, I don't mind reading it because it was a good book to read, just not really anything to read about exactly.

Posted on: 12th May 2019 at 11:38 am

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