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Eesha, Newstead Shadowers


Rebound is about a boy who is suffering from the loss of his father. He is forced to move away from his 2 best friends and live with his grandparents over the summer.He has always wanted to be able to play basketball well-just like his dad. At his grandparents house, he meets his cousin who is the best basketball player he has ever seen. She teaches him how to play basketball and his dreams are fulfilled. He gets into trouble with one of his best friends and is sent to jail for a couple of nights. This was a traumatising experience for him. The last chapter of the book gives the reader an insight of his later life. he gets married to one of his best friends (CJ) and he has a child.

Personally, i enjoyed this book because it grabs the reader's attention. The author of this book makes you feel as if you are in the boy's shoes.Also, at the start of the book, the reader feels sympathy for the main character because of the things he does to express his feelings.The structure of this book is interesting because it is written in verse. This makes you want to keep reading so that you can finish the book. Due to the structure it only takes a couple of days to read.

Posted on: 13th May 2019 at 12:56 pm

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