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Mia, Newstead Shadowers

The Poet X

The list of good things could go on for ever but there are 3 points to talk about:



Characters - I think the characters to this story are very creative, their names too. Xiomara is quite an original name and forms the title 'The Poet *X*' I like how her whole family have quite Dominican names, it gives out their true nature.

Plot - I like the plot, how she expresses all her feelings through lots of simple poems, some 3 pages long, some half a page long. I like the idea of: new school, new rules, new people, new things. It's kind of like something is already going on, but there is always something else. Like Aman and her family, her family's rules keep her from seeing Aman, forcing her to do EVERYTHING she can to see him, even if it is the toughest situation like when she has to go to church every weekend but she could spend it doing something else. It's quite a surprise when her mum burns all her life (her poems) down to pieces and doesn't care. It just shows how strict their rules are.

Style - The style of the book, being written in a poem, is quite pleasing because that means it's easier to re-read things that you didn't quite understand. It's also more original (even though some of the Shortlisted carnegie books are also written as poems) that normal books where you have paragraph after paragraph.

Improvements - I would say that some of the language in Dominican didn't get translated so I didn't really know what it meant. It was also aimed at an adult in some 'Chapters'.

Posted on: 13th May 2019 at 12:59 pm

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