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Udita, Newstead Shadowers

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

The Things a bright girl can do is a book on ways how women from different backgrounds during the time of World War 1 try and help the cause the bring freedom to women.
Evelyn Collis is from a upper middle class family and is enraged that she can't go to Oxford University because she is a girl. though against her parents will she joins the suffragettes, only to be put in prison.
May Thorton - a middle class girl, who has already joined the cause, and her mum are through marches and petitions she bargains for women to have a vote. But when she meets Nell Swanscott ,a poor but fiery lower class girl shes finds her life changed forever...
This book gave me mixed feelings as it was interesting to see how women reacted to the suffragettes it was also quite boring and also disturbing at times.
I would probably rate this book an 7/10.

Posted on: 13th May 2019 at 12:59 pm

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