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Hannah, Newstead Shadowers

A Skinful of Shadows

I found "A Skinful of Shadows" an amazing book. It gripped me from the very first sentence!

A Skinful of Shadows is a book about a girl called Makepeace who originally lives in a god-fearing town with her mother, aunt and uncle. However she always felt as though she never really fit in. At night she had nightmares, bad ones, about ghosts and spirits trying to claw into her mind. Then, one night, her mother brings her to a courtyard, a place of dead things, the place of her nightmares. She is left all alone there. She is left to "sharpen her stick".
Then, one day there is a riot. Makepeace follows the apprentices into the danger. What she didn't know though is that her mother follows her. In that terrible night, something devastating happens.

A few days after the riot, Makepeace is sent away to her father's family home. But something doesn't feel right, and then, Makepeace realises that she is living in her own nightmare. She finds her half-brother and together, they try to escape. But then civil war breaks out, and it becomes complicated- even more than before.

I believe that A Skinful of Shadows deserves to win the Carnegie medal. It has absolutely everything a good book needs: good language, a bit of history, gripping characters, and best of all, an amazing story line.

Posted on: 13th May 2019 at 01:02 pm

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