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Charlotte, St Augustines Catholic College


Rebound by Kwame Alexander
When I began reading this book, I was unsure that I would like it particularly as the themes of the book did not directly relate to my life; however, this book was incredible. The storyline was extremely well thought out and was not predictable; this novel was cleverly written with rich characters and tackles common issues among modern society. Additionally, I felt that this book appealed to teenagers who don’t especially want to read a complex, confusing novel yet want to read about relevant issues. The themes that were thread through the book were congenial, I felt that many people who read this book will commiserate for the ordeal that Chuck Bell (the protagonist) endured. Not only this, the fact that the novel was written in short, cohesive poems was exceedingly dynamic and I enjoyed the structure immensely. My favourite quote from the novel is “You’ll make a lot more than you miss if you’re not always going for the flash and flair.”; this quotation can be applied to modern society as most people focus on having a “flash and flair” life whereas the people who have a more candid life succeed more often. I would recommend this book to year 6+ as there are themes that could be quite upsetting; yet I felt that this book addresses many common mature issues.

Posted on: 13th May 2019 at 05:24 pm

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