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Joccoaa, St Augustines Catholic College

Long Way Down

Long Way Down is Will story. When Will’s brother Shawn gets shot, it is then up to him to complete one of the three rules he is brought up on: Don't cry. Don't snitch. Get revenge. But before he can complete the third rule he has to confront his friends and family of the past.
Long Way Down shows a rather controversial but very relevant theme of gun violence. The author Jason Reynolds shows impacts that has on a society and the family and people it results in being left behind, in this case it is Will.
This book really flips the saying a painting is 1000 words around. Long Way Down is a poem book and a lot of emotion and subtext is shown through the placing of words on the page- as well as the use of italics. This shows wills story as a thought process and conversation rather than reading long, strong, emotional sentences over and over. It has more of an impact and shows that every word is thought about and considered to get the point across.
After all powerful feelings this book sparks the unclear, open ending fits. It allows the reader to decide what path it is they want Will to take whatever that interpretation may be.
Although this ending does leave questions unanswered that then becomes a perfect way to end the book since, like death, we are left unknowing and questioning so it ties up the themes the book is mainly about.

Overall I think long way down is a very powerful and emotional read. I would recommend it to my peers and older readers since the topics it covers and thought process it sparks is enlightening. It is definitely worth a re-read even if to just finalise what your views on the ending is.

Posted on: 13th May 2019 at 10:24 pm

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