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Bethan, Backwell School

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Things a Bright Girl Can Do is set at the time of the suffragette movement. It tells the story of three different girls – Evelyn, May and Nell. They all support the suffragette movement, but their lives are very different. I liked that all three of the characters are very headstrong and determined, in their own ways. It is very different to the other seven shortlisted books, but it is definitely my favourite one. My favourite character was Nell; she is very poor and she and all her brother and sisters have to share two rooms. The three girls are very different, and all have very different lives, but they all have very similar personalities. The only thing that annoyed me with this book is that the author could have made the book longer because I enjoyed it so much! I think I would recommend this book to readers who like long-ish books and people who are fans of stories that are based on historical events. I like this genre of books a lot – I couldn’t put this book down!

Posted on: 14th May 2019 at 04:58 pm

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