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George, Sir Harry Smith Community College

The Land of Neverendings

The Land Of Neverendings is a book about escaping the real world into a world of happiness and joy in your mind and dreams from the traumas and terrors of living through times of darkness. This book is very relatable for some after losing someone they love and trying to understand and overcome that not only will they ever see them again but that they will live on in your heart. Emily, a new secondary year old student loses her older sister Holly and Bluey, Holly’s toy, her world and her parents become empty and struggle to carry on without her. Things become very low for Emily as her best friend Maze befriends others and leaves us behind but is opened into the welcoming arms of Ruth, who had lost her son Danny when he was 18, and talks about stories shared and become relatable as they have gone through the same situations. That night, Emily awakes to sounds coming from Holly’s empty room and goes into it and is transported to a world called Smockeroon, inhabited by toys who live a happy life along with there owners. This world becomes under the invasion of sadness and Emily, Maze, Emily’s friend Martha and Ruth connected in the hard world and in their dreams try to rid the sadness and restore Smockeroon to what it was before it was exposed into the hard world. But as the story folds out, will she ever see Holly and Bluey in Smockeroon? The Land Of Neverendings is a powerful and beautifully written book but not my favourite but definitely a contender to win this year.

Posted on: 14th May 2019 at 08:52 pm

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