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Chloe, St Helen and St Katharine


The first page is about freedom, friends, youth and happiness. For me this was one of the best beginnings that I have read because it is happy and free. This is because right away the author makes me feel like I am there, soaring up through the clouds with the rook, looking down on the world below. I loved the first page because the words leapt out at me. When they are flying it lifts my heart because all the descriptions are so realistic and beautiful. I was confused, when after the first chapter, the point of perspective changes to someone else without saying it had changed.
Then the rook gets taken down from the sky and has to fight for his life. It was a little sad because he almost died but then he breaks free narrowly escaping his death caused by a female sparrowhawk. You then realize how much rooks have to fight for to keep alive. This book was incredibly realistic but then so emotional with not everything going how you would imagine it to be. At times the author creates a moody atmosphere with swear words and the angriness of the characters. It is sad when death occurs in books because it makes you want to stop reading and cry but you want to press on with the book.
I am touched with how the boys, at the beginning, are so kind to the rook and stopping death happening. I liked the way the author portrays how some people can see through lies because it means to me that they wont stand for nonsense. There were times when this book made me smile because everyone is so happy at certain points. But there are also times when it seems sad because the author writes in such a touching way. There were lots of things in the content of this book such as bullying yet kindness. I loved the style of the book with twists in the plot everywhere so you wouldn’t know what would happen next.
This book is about a boy who is taking his GCSEs and the story is about his school life such things as love and sadness and a rook. This book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and I would definitely recommend it to people who are 11+. I loved this book and I would rate it 10/10

Posted on: 27th March 2018 at 11:00 am

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