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Annie, St Helen and St Katharine

The House with Chicken Legs

I really enjoyed this book because I like the way the author portrays the characters. The book is written in first person with the main character (Marinka) as the person telling the story. I also like the way the author makes you care about the characters even if they aren’t very important or relevant like Yaga Onekin. You also feel like you’re part of the book and Marinka is talking to you and telling you about her life.

The plot was really good and I liked the story but in the middle it seemed to drag on a little bit because you knew what the main character should do and she wasn’t doing it. The story was about Marinka who is a child and lives with her grandmother who guides the dead through a gate to the stars. Then Marinka’s grandmother goes into the gate to help a dead spirit and can’t come back so Marinka is left all on her own.

I also like the way the house is another character. At the beginning of the book it isn’t very important and Marinka doesn’t like it but as it gets nearer the end of the story Marinka and the house become really good friends and the house saves her life. Marinka doesn’t like the house because she doesn’t want to guide the dead and she just wants to lead a normal life but a bit later in the story she finds out that she is actually dead and that the only thing keeping her from ‘fading’ is the energy of the house. I like the way that the relationship of the house and Marinka develops through the story.

There is also Jack (the jackdaw) and Benji (a lamb). They help Marinka and she looks after them. When Marinka goes into the gate to save Baba Jack, the house and Benjamin (who Marinka made friends with) get her back to the real life. The bit I like best about this book is the relationships between the characters.

Posted on: 15th May 2019 at 09:35 am

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