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Anastasia, St Helen and St Katharine

The Hate U Give

T.H.U.G is a powerful read that looks deep into the ongoing problems of racism, love, death and many more subjects that we “don’t really want to talk about!”
Although, at first it was hard to get into, T.H.U.G was thrilling and showed that sometimes you can ‘do everything right and things still go wrong.’
This book uses a lot of slang which may not be enjoyed by all readers, but it suits the context it’s in. There is an even balance between dialogue and narrative meaning the reader is never bored.
The characters are very believable and throughout the book I found I could empathise with them and understand the doubts and challenges they face. You really get to know Starr (the main character) as you're given insights into what she is thinking and feeling. The true Starr is revealed through her own private thoughts and reaction to the world around her.
I recommend this book to anyone who’s ever spoken out about what they believe (or wanted to). It makes you consider the cruel reality of life and implores you to think! The moral message of this book is to ‘never stop doing right’ and to ‘use your weapon; your voice.’ I rate this book 8/10 as I didn’t find the first part of the book as interesting or moving as the rest of the book.

Posted on: 3rd April 2018 at 03:24 pm

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