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Emily W, Sir Harry Smith Community College

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Despite mixed reviews about this book, I thought it was amazing. I'm probably the target audience for this book (teenager, female, interested in women's rights and history) so that may explain why I love it so much.

However, that does not stop me from thinking this book should win. It may be only the fourth or fifth book I've read but it's the only one that I have just enjoyed reading. The characters were well developed with clear motive, I found them to be quite realistic and relatable. The plot was great, I didn't actually mind the way the chapters were laid out, and while I maybe would've wanted a more tied up ending, I was not unsatisfied by it.

Personally, I am just happy I know there is at least one book this year that older readers can enjoy. I loved this book and know that I will probably vote for it and recommend it to people.

Posted on: 17th May 2019 at 10:33 am

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