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Emily W, Sir Harry Smith Community College

The Poet X

This could've been a really good book. The plot and the characters are good but I just didn't enjoy it for some reason.

My opinion formed within the first few pages where X began to describe herself. I read "I am the baby fat that settled into swinging hips and D cups" and immediately created a dislike for the character. Mainly because it seems unrealistic. That just doesn't strike me as a way that people describe themselves, it seemed very much like something out of a cliche romance novel. As the book progressed, X didn't seem anymore likable. I didn't feel that she really developed as a character, which is a bit of a problem when she's the narrator.

The poem structure could've not been there. It's been done before, including in another book this year, and it could've just not been there. I understand that it was written that way because she likes poems and everything but the reasoning behind it didn't mean it made it any better.

From not developing a character enough to developing a relationship way too quickly. Call me traditional, but going from sitting next to each other in science to making out and listening to Drake within the space of a week (?) seems just a little bit rushed. That could just be me, but i don't know, it was just quick. And that's another mild criticism of the poem structure, it didn't allow us to know what was happening when and how many days had happened since they got paired up in Science.

In conclusion, I didn't particularly like this book and wouldn't read it again (or vote for it) but I didn't hate it completely, which I guess is a good thing.

Posted on: 17th May 2019 at 10:48 am

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