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Jasmine, Hope Valley College Borrowers


This boook was an unusual read. It uses a poetic format but doesn’t fully utilise it to its advantage. The comic pages were a cool idea but I would have liked to have seen more of them since this would of set this book apart from other books which use a poetic format.

This book was cringily over-American and relied too much on stereotypes..

Charlie and Chrystal romance seems forced, as we barely see Chrystal in the voice. I feel like Alexander was writing as if Charlie was going to get with C.J and then remembered they are cousins.

I don’t understand why the drug scare was put in. This seemed out of character at this point in the book, however it may have worked at the start of the book.

You can tell this book is a prequel and doesn’t stand well on its own (don’t know if it’s better with its forthcomer).

However for all my criticisms of this books I did enjoy it and have some compliments for it.

We do get to see Charlie grow and become less selfish. I didn’t like him at the start but by the end I was rooting for him.

For a book that I would guess is aimed at boys, it does contain some excellent female characters like C.J and Chrystal. These two are very different from each other but both excellent characters.

Page 322 is excellent. The book's writing style is truest utilised and we get to some excellent word art and some great use font size.

The tone of the book is conversational which makes it easy to read. Overall I totally recommend this book even if isn’t as good as some in the same format.

Posted on: 18th May 2019 at 06:15 pm

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