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Lovin, Langley Grammar School

The Poet X

This book by Elizabeth Acevedo has brought me into a rollercoaster of emotions that I feel anyone who reads this book will experience. Through the use of beautiful poems, the authour has portrayed the struggles and emotions any teenager is feeling in their life. It unlocks the mind of young children to express themselves in what they are compassionate in and make them feel seen in life for who they are. The character in this book finds her love in slam poetry and, encouraged by her twin, she writes her thoughts in captivating poems that makes the reader empathise with the character. She finds it hard to feel recognised in school but finally finds her opportunity to reveal her skill when joining Poetry Club. This book is an inspiration to many children who are finding life as a nightmare. It shows how people can change by feeling identified in the world for what they can do and who they are. It motivates people to follow their dreams and compassion throughout your life. I will definitely recommend this book!

Posted on: 19th May 2019 at 07:13 pm

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