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Alistair W, Ermysted's

The House with Chicken Legs

I thought this book was great. It was full of imagination and creativity and fun to read. I had heard the Baba Yaga story before but this rendition really puts a new spin on the old folk tale. It follows the story of a young girl named Marinka Yaga living in her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother is no ordinary grandmother though. She is called Baba Yaga and has the incredibly important job of guiding those who have passed away on their journey to the stars. In the story, Marinka is very close to her grandma but is determined not to follow in her footsteps and has an ambition to travel the world. But Marinka also has a problem; because people die all over the world, her house travels all over the world due to her grandmother's role, meaning Marinka has never properly socialised with anyone or made a real friend. Marinka (desperate for a friend) decides to keep a dead young girl from journeying to the stars. However, the girl ends up beginning to fade and because of this Baba has to help the girl herself by going on the journey with her. With Baba gone Marinka takes on her grandmother's role and starts to learn how much of a responsibility the job is and that sometimes a fixed destiny can be a good thing...

Posted on: 30th March 2019 at 08:02 pm

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