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Amelia, Oxford High School

The Poet X

Samkad only wants to be a man, to be a warrior but when his chance comes the elders find that he is not yet ready and someone else takes his place. His best friend, little Luki also wants to be a warrior but she has no hope, women are not allowed to fight, just to weave and do chores. Samkads chance will come again but first he has to deal with the greatest threat his community has ever faced, The Americans. The Americans bring guns and opportunities but they also bring death, control and humiliation.
Bone talk is a spectacualar book, it shows how tribes would live in suclusion and how empires spread and aim to control more and more. It is amazing to be able to follow Samkads story and his belifes. They do things so differently there that it is hard to believe that such tribes existed. Bone talk has a cover that really shows some of the tribes culture. This book is good for ages 10+ and everyone should give it a go.

Posted on: 21st May 2019 at 08:20 am

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