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Frances, Sir Harry Smith Community College

Long Way Down

Long way down was quite an odd book. A boy has to deal with his brother being killed but then has to kill the murderer.
I think that I find the book odd because of the structure and layout as well as the final ending. It leaves you asking so many questions.

It is written in verses but there is mostly only one verse on each page which stretches the book to a longer extent with more pages. It has rules, random thoughts and murder in it. In the 'main' part of the book, there's an elevator and ghosts, each stepping in with the boy at each level. He only wants to get to the bottom floor but the book drags it out in a catching sort of way. As well as this, as a reader, you get a big impact on certain emotions because of strong language which adds a bit of grip to the story.

I actually really enjoyed this book because of the individuality it gives and the fact that it is so unique. Also, it's a true story which makes me ask how the writer feels about his adventure.

I think I would reccomend this book to 11 years or over because of certain murderous areas and strong language.

Posted on: 21st May 2019 at 07:35 pm

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