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Matilda, St Helen and St Katharine

Where the World Ends

I enjoyed reading this book as there was always had something happening. Whatever place you were in the book, you found yourself reading about something new, or that story line was going to change and develop so that something new was not far off. There were different feelings explored in as the story developed further. I think the whole idea of "when will they be rescued?" really keeps you reading and captivated. My favourite character is Quilliam (Quill) because he seems to experience the most trouble but still keeps on going no matter what. He seems strong but yet caring and seems to try and help the younger boys on their first fowling (bird hunting) trip. At first, I found the hunting birds part quite gory, until I realised this is what the island use to get money and eat for food.
Every summer the boys on the island are taken to Warrior Stack to hunt birds for their village, but this time no one comes back to take them home. This is the whole mystery, behind the story, and you find yourself asking "Will they get home? Why hasn't the boat come back for them?". As you read, you try to think theories and reasons behind their abandonment, but you slowly you start to believe the theories that are being developed in the book. Each character brings their own part to the story and brings out other sides of people in the book, showing the kind, blood thirsty and protective side of each child and adults in the story.
The last chapter appeared to be a little confusing for me to fully understand who it concerned - was it the author or someone else? I would rate this book 8/10 because it is a very good read and really makes you think the lengths that people went to for food and money. I was quite shocked when I read the afterword, as I didn't see that on the front cover it said "based on a true story set in St Kilda" and after hearing the true facts, I realised how horrid it would be to be away from home and not know what was happening back on my home island. One improvement that I would make on the book, is that I would continue the book a bit more at the end, so you could find out what happened to some of the main characters in the story.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 09:26 am

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