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Zahraa, NTA Rowling Readers

The House with Chicken Legs

Yaga: Someone who guides the dead spirits through the Gate to the stars

The House With Chicken Legs tells a story about Baba Yaga and her House with legs. Baba Yaga has a granddaughter named Marinka. The story is in Marinka’s first person perspective.

Marinka is a girl who longs to make friends but cannot due to the fact that her house moves to different places without warning. Because of this, she tries to escape her destiny of becoming a Yaga to live like everyone else.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story as it hooked me in with every chapter and kept me guessing at all times. While I was reading, I struggled to put the book down and stop reading. When I finished the book, I wished that the story hadn’t ended and that I could continue reading to see how Marinka got used to guiding the dead. I would recommend this page-turner to all but especially children who enjoy the fantasy fiction genre.

Posted on: 22nd May 2019 at 01:12 pm

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