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Apsara, Oxford High School

The Poet X

????????????????, ????????? ???????? ???????????????? ?????????????????????: You really aren’t an easy one. Xiomara has been hearing this all her life, and it’s true. She has always been different to the others. However much she tries to keep her words to herself, she always ends up using her own words and fists to defend her Twin, who is more at home in front of a computer than he is talking to other boys.
But when X starts to question the rigid and unmoving rules which have been imposed on her, her life and thoughts suddenly get a whole lot more complicated. All of a sudden Xiomara has dozens of questions: Why must she conform? Why did God give Eve curiosity if He didn’t want her to use it? Why must girls wait, stop, obey? Why is it wrong for her to have feelings for a boy in her bio class? Why? Why? Why?
The only way that X can escape is through poetry. She pours out all her feelings, thoughts and grievances into her poetry journal. It is her refuge, and when she starts skipping church to attend a slam poetry club, she feels as if she can escape, however briefly, from her constricted reality.
But sooner or later, Xiomara is going to have to face up to the truth. And when she does, she will need to use all of her strength to stay on her feet in a world that is undoubtedly trying to sweep her away.
This book is extremely well written and made me hang onto every word. When I was reading this I really felt sympathy and anger with each of the characters in turn, an effect which some authors struggle to inspire in their readers. I think it is really clever how the book is written in verse ( it is meant to be like Xiomara’s poetry journal) and, unlike in some other books written in verse, the poetry really adds to the story and also made it seem easier and more realistic to read. This book was amazing and I would recommend it to anybody in Year 7 and above (roughly) who likes realistic and thought provoking stories.

Posted on: 22nd May 2019 at 07:46 pm

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