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Amelia, Oxford High School

The Poet X

Xiomara was born a fighter and she lets her fists do the talking. Her mother is Spanish and follows the church. Xiomara is criticised by her mother for having a beautiful body,something she can't control. Xiomara doesn't want to be restrained by the churches harsh rules,she doesn't believe in the church. She locks her feelings inside and only lets them out in her book of poems, where she can truly be herself. A poetry club forms at school, a poetry slam is advertised.Can Xiomara break free of her restraints and truly become the Poet X?
The Poet X is a heartbreaking tale. Xiomara is misunderstood by everyone and she struggles to get along under the pressure of her mother.Some people sympathise with X having been under pressure from their families or peers.Poet X shows how you can write your own story and choose your own path.X found a way to reveal her inner self to the world through poetry and it brought her relief.

Posted on: 24th May 2019 at 08:19 am

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