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Cameron, Woodroffe 2019

Bone Talk

In my opinion, Bone Talk wasn't the most compelling book in the world, however I didn't find anything particularly terrible about it. It is for this reason that I didn't enjoy Bone Talk. There simply weren't enough extraordinary moments for my liking. Sure, some other books may have been lacking in this department as well (Rebound, for example) but they seemed to deserve that kind of plot because they were quite down-to-Earth books with relatable characters. Most people can't relate to Samkad because he is a child in the mountains of the Phillipines who wishes to go to war. Therefore, the book required more action in order to elevate it from bland to brilliant.Furthermore, the minute amount of action I experienced in the book - which was less than I could of, because the book was so bare I couldn't even complete it - was written in rather babyish manner. It is for this reason that I disliked Bone Talk.

Posted on: 24th May 2019 at 09:39 am

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