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Drasti, Xenial Readers of Rushey Mead

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Unlike other books this book was the first of its types to appeal to me as it was something a bit different to what I'd normally read and was a more factual book which involved politics and was mainly based on the topic of the suffragettes.The story itself talks about the rights of women and how many try and obtain that right for equal rights.From the book so far, I have come to learn that the suffragettes were a group of people who strove for their goal and weren't particularly afraid to achieve their goal through violence. Despite the interesting facts I got to learn, the story itself was very complexly structured which made it hard for me to understand as I didn't quite know whether the story was told from Evelyn's point of view or not. Overall I'd say that I wouldn't personally read this book again and would recommend it to children over 14 or 15 as its full of sophisticated vocabulary which is probably easy for older teenagers to comprehend.

Posted on: 24th May 2019 at 12:37 pm

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