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sydney, Sir Harry Smith Community College


I loved the book Rebound by the front cover you think it's all going to be about basketball but it's really not. Personally I think Rebound is the best book ever I loved reading it it was an amazing book. Now the main character Charlie bell had his ups and downs like his father dying but he learnt that he has friends and family that care.At the start he didn't want to talk to anyone he isolated himself, but when his mum sent him to his nan and grandads all of that changed. When his mum came on the 4 of July and told him they were leaving he didn't want to go he wanted to stay he finally started liking it there. I really liked the end of the book because 2 best friends start there own family. I am excited that there is another book because this was one of my most favourite book I love it! I think if anyone is thinking about reading this they should because if i like it hopefully someone else will like it as well.

Posted on: 24th May 2019 at 12:50 pm

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