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Nick, Christ's Shadowers

The Poet X

First of all, I have to say this: the cover is one of the best I've EVER seen! The words creating shadows on Xiomara's face are incredible! But this is not, of course, an artwork review. The plot of The Poet X is definitely very original - you don't hear too much about teens who are suppressed by hyper-religious families, so it's definitely an interesting take on the stereotypical teen romance. However, the first half is mostly focused on the romance, and as somebody who can only take so much of it, I didn't enjoy it that much. But the second half gets into the original part of the story - Xiomara's conflict with her family. It's dramatic, gripping and very different to anything I've read so far on the 2019 Carnegie Shortlist. The descriptions of the settings could be better - a good description of the church or Xiomara's house with the Virgin Mary statue, for example, could really add something to the novel. Overall, I thought that the first half of The Poet X had too much cliche romance, but the second half read like a solid thriller. The Poet X could have had more depth, but was overall a good read.

Posted on: 26th May 2019 at 09:45 am

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