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Jeevika, St Helen and St Katharine


Rook is written by the author Anthony McGowan. This book is a story which could happen in real life. To expand on that point , I like this book a lot as this is what COULD happen to you in the next 5 minutes but Anthony McGowan has put his own twist on it by including many more problems for the main character. But all ends well.
Reading this book, I felt that the style of Rook is a mixture between non-fiction and a fictional story but Rook does not completely come under the category of non-fiction but not entirely under fiction. Despite that this book was an intriguing and interesting book.
While Nicky and Kenny were taking their dog (Tina) for a walk they notice a rook getting attacked by a hawk. Giving sympathy to the dog, they take it home to look after. Meanwhile at school, Nicky is having a hard time at school. He is getting bullied. With all these problems around him. What should he do?
Something that caught my eye, was the front cover. On the front cover the lay out of the book was different to many other books I have seen. Normally the title of the book comes before the name of the author, but on Rook it comes the other way round. Also on the front cover, there was a picture of a real human being and I find that very rare when it comes to illustrations. In addition I noticed that the pages inside the book was really thick so whenever I handled them I always thought that I had got two pages instead of one.
Also what else I noticed was; at the back of the book there are two more books by Anthony McGowan and both of those books format of the front cover was the complete opposite.
However, this book was a really exciting book that I would rate it an 8/10 as it was fun and generally a book I would read in everyday life and that it was a really quick read.

Posted on: 25th April 2018 at 11:17 am

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