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rachel, St Augustines Catholic College

Bone Talk

Bone Talk wasn't a terrible book and I did manage to read all of it but I wasn't satisfied with the main plot. As I read the book I was continually waiting for something to happen and there weren't any extraordinary moments which occurred.

The cover of the book is really captivating and very detailed however this didn't match the manner of the book: the story was a bit underwhelming in my opinion. The inclusion of Filipino culture was interesting to me, and as a girl from the Philippines with parents who grew up there, I did enjoy the historical aspect, learning about my country and its tribes. The whole concept of the boy enclosed in his tribe and then finding out they are being invaded and going to war does sound interesting, however I felt the way the author wrote it made it less compelling.

The main character Samkad isn't relatable in the book but I think if the story were to be written differently he would have been because he is a young boy wanting to become a warrior. Younger boys could relate to him but in the sense that they are impatient to grow up instead of becoming a warrior through an elaborate ceremony.

I think the writer should've built on Luki's story and I wish we would've seen her more because in my opinion, her wanting to become a warrior as a girl wouldn't been more interesting as a story and we could've seen the struggle girls had at the time.

Overall, Bone Talk didn't stand out to me and I wouldn't read it again.

Posted on: 29th May 2019 at 12:28 pm

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