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Gurveer, TCOLC Perfictionists

The Land of Neverendings

'The Land of Neverendings' is a relatable, serious yet funny book which focuses on the gloomy subject of death and loss.

A girl named Emily has recently lost her sister named Holly. Emily is also starting secondary school and is being shunned by her best friend Maze. While it may sound silly, Emilly misses something more than Holly - a stuffed bear called Bluey! Smockeroon, an imaginary land which was home to Bluey's adventures with Emily, may turn out to be real after all...

This book is really personal in some ways as the toys, Bluey, in this case, represents growing up and losing what you had since day one. Emily can be very relatable too as she starts secondary school, a phase which is nerve-racking for everyone! Ruth is also supportive and not what I expected when I first read about her. I expected her to be a grumpy, old lady who didn't like children but instead, she is just like any other person and is also dealing with a death - her son!

If you wanted to read this in hopes of it being similar to Toy Story or Peter Pan, then this book is quite dark for that. However, I still recommend this book to anyone who has a wild imagination and who is struggling with loss, whether it be a person or a toy! It is modern and relatable. Definitely didn't regret reading this.

Remember, this book isn't what the cover makes it seem to be...

Posted on: 1st June 2019 at 01:01 pm

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