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Lucy, St Helen and St Katharine


Rook is a simple but beautifully written story about a boy called Kenny and his first experiences with falling in love, bullies and a complicated family. Kenny and his brother Nicky are very close, partly because of the difficult times they experienced when their mother left, and their father struggled to look after them. Nicky has difficulties with learning, which means that Kenny feels responsible for looking after him. At the same time, Nicky has a very honest approach to life which is something that Kenny comes to realise and value as he starts to experience problems in his own life. The story starts when Kenny and Nicky rescue a helpless rook from being attacked by a vicious sparrowhawk. The rook becomes a symbol for hope and resilience during their lives, which Kenny struggles with as he faces the school bully and tries to talk to the girl he likes at the same time.
The story is very short but meaningful, and leaves you wanting to find out more about Nicky and Kenny and their family. The book gives the reader a real understanding of the different people in the story just from small examples, such as the food they cook for dinner or a conversation in a coffee shop. Characters are not good or bad, but complex human beings who are a combination of both.
I particularly liked the fact that this book is designed to be dyslexia friendly and easy to read. I am now keen to read the other books in the series, Brock and Pike and would recommend this to teenagers and their parents who may have forgotten what it is like to be going through challenges and new experiences for the first time.

Posted on: 26th April 2018 at 09:35 am

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