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Tabitha, St Helen and St Katharine

Bone Talk

Bone Talk is set in 19th century America. The main character, Samkad, lives in the village of Bontok, in the Philippines. He is wants to become a man, but bad superstitious omens mean that the official ceremony is postponed. Then a boy comes to the village, telling people called the Americans, who want to make people of Bontok work for them.
I felt like this book ended before I had really got into it. I found the last few chapters extremely confusing, as there were quite a few shifts in various amounts of time. Consequently, I was not quite sure what happened to certain characters- even if they were alive or not by the end of the book.
The characters were all very different. I thought it was interesting how the Elders appeared very strong and knowledgeable to start with, but how they melted at the offer of a gun from the Americans, who clearly controlled them by bribing them with their various inventions. I felt like Luki seemed like someone who was going to be an important part of the story, as she wanted to be a warrior, but couldn’t, as she was a girl. However, she wasn’t with Samkad for much of the book, and therefore was not.
Th style was not extremely descriptive, with the exception of the landscape, which was described in great detail. The sentences were usually quite short, and the language was not colloquial. There was more narrative than dialogue. The author successfully created feelings of hate towards the Americans from Samkad and the reader.
Overall, I enjoyed this book, except from where I was unsure on what was happening, due to slightly confusing time shifts. Therefore, I would rate this book seven out of ten.

Posted on: 3rd June 2019 at 09:36 am

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