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Frida, St Helen and St Katharine

Long Way Down

'Long Way Down' had a very emotional main character William (Will) and showed how he was feeling and his thoughts. It was very powerful at some points when William was lonely, angry, sad and bewildered because the reader is left feeling sorry for him and yet also wanting him to control his loss and frustration. However, the book was very negative with its ideas and was extremely dramatic with its plot. You could see his reasons for doing things but for me I would not do them myself. I thought that the author, Jason Reynolds, wrote it so the reader could determine what he was thinking. This meant you could understand what was happening a bit better but at some points I thought there were a few unclear moments where there was an unanswered question but the book had already moved on.

The author’s way of writing the ending was very inconclusive because the story’s main idea was whether William was going to do ‘the action’ or not. (I do not want to spoil what happens for anyone reading this.) The story finishes just before he goes out to do ‘the action’ and therefore the reader is left not knowing if he does it or not. I found this really annoying as it stopped the book abruptly without a proper conclusion.

The way the other characters communicated with William and spoke to him was very calm and less stressed than I thought they would be as William is about to commit a deed he will probably regret. They all act is if they know a lot more but I thought they could have been more hurried in advising him and eager to help him rethink his decision. They mostly seemed quite relaxed and as if they were only suggesting ideas and when they do seem stressed they are very quick to suddenly change their emotions which meant the reader was not quite sure if what they were saying was sarcastic or if they meant what they were saying.

Although the book was not moving on in where its setting were the book moved on by introducing new characters to the story. This meant at some point there was not any description and the book was written in mostly dialogue between the characters.

In conclusion, I found the book's ending unsatisfactory because it did not tie up loose ends and overall the book was very dramatic and over exaggerated William's feelings therefore I would rate this book 2/10.

Posted on: 3rd June 2019 at 09:41 am

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