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Libby, Henry Box Book Club

The House with Chicken Legs

I find the house with the chicken legs very interesting and fun to read. I like this book because at first she discovered a boy that was wondering around outside her house and she became very close to him and they become friends. She arranged to meet with this boy in town which was her dream to go beyond the gate. Then the house moved to a different location. As she is destined to take her place at leading the living through the gate.Then there was this girl who was dead and then was on the roof and she became friends with her but Yaga doesn't know. Then,the girl hears her little sister and wants to see her so she stopped her and says it's not her but it was.Then she spoke to the girls sister and then she guided her through the gate.

Posted on: 3rd June 2019 at 12:50 pm

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