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Isabelle, St Helen and St Katharine

The Land of Neverendings

I liked this book because it created a mix of the harsh reality of death and the worlds of imagination and fun. I particularly liked the way that the book explored both the common ideas of toys coming to life (who hasn’t wondered what their teddys do when they’re not looking) and the less so and in fact the completely original idea of a whole new world where teddys live when their owners have died, and not only that but multiple different levels! There is also a connection with the stories that were made up, such as how Emily told Holly stories of Bluey in Smockeroon before she even knew that it existed and how her stories actually happened like the story where Bluey gets a teapot made of treacle which then melts; you later find that it really happened to Bluey! I also think there is a hidden message carried across, about how just because you’re sad doesn’t mean you’ll never be happy again.
At first; I thought that it sounded, from the blurb, it would be slightly on the young side for me. How wrong I was! If this were one of those star reviews; I would give it 4 ½, the reason I gave it only 4 ½ was because I disliked how it wasn’t enough for the black toad to be bad, he had to look evil too and what about motives, couldn’t he have had a reason? Perhaps something had happened to him to make him sad? Maybe that was why he brought sadness to Smockeroon? Perhaps he’d unwittingly brought it knowing how happy everybody was there and had come in the hope of being cured of the disease called sadness and yet they’d shunned him, hated him, tried to be rid of him, even made him sadder still. What if he was different to how they thought he was? Couldn’t they have given him a chance? People are not often who you think they are, not until you really know them, that is.
I liked it when the ragged dolls wanted to be beautiful and so kidnapped the leader of the beautiful dolls, who then began to sympathize with her captors and started to protest alongside them. I thought it interesting how at first only some people could hear and see the toys but more and more began to see them and how the doors to, from and around Smockeroon kept coming out in the wrong places but would really like there to be more explanation for it. I felt sorry for Emily at the start and I half shared her emotions and that as I'm sure everybody knows is the mark of a really good book.

Posted on: 3rd June 2019 at 01:31 pm

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