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Poppy, St Helen and St Katharine

The Land of Neverendings

Emily is heartbroken and grieving when her disabled sister, Holly, suddenly dies. Without Holly’s teddy, Emily feels like she has nothing to remember her sister by. When some alive, soft toys appear in Emily’s room claiming they come from a made-up land where owners live with their toys forever. Emily then teams up with Ruth from the antique shop to find out what is wrong with the gate between the worlds and is there a chance she could see Holly again ?
But there is trouble stirring in both worlds and Emily must find a way to balance out the feelings on both worlds before her world is consumed by silliness and the other is overwhelmed by sadness and jealousy.

I really enjoyed this book and thought it could appeal to younger children as well as being enjoyed by older people. There was quite a lot of things going on and the author was always introducing new problems but the end was wrapped up really nicely. I think the author handles the difference between the two worlds well and makes sure that the two are distinguished from eachother. The characters have very strong personalities and acted in the way you would expect them to!
The mood is mixed with joyfulness and sadness and it was sometimes quite hard to tell how the characters were actually feeling but it left the reader with a sense of resolution at the end.
I really liked this book though I sometimes got slightly distracted. I think readers of lots of different age groups would enjoy this!
Rating: 7/10

Posted on: 3rd June 2019 at 01:36 pm

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