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Haaniah, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls


I thoroughly enjoyed "Rebound" by Kwame Alexander. It is about Charlie Bell, a 12-year-old boy, following the recent passing of his father. He is sent to his grandparents by his mother, and meets his cousin Roxie, which leads to the discovery of his love for basketball.
I felt that although the book was written as a verse novel, the plot was still well-developed, and that the poetry in fact added to the plot and created a sense of atmosphere. The use of rhythm and rhyme was imaginative and makes it a good book for encouraging people to read books. The comic-style sections in the novel were quite interesting and added to the plot
The plot is generally well-constructed and the events happen in coordination with each other. The final resolution of the plot is quite believable, although maybe slightly too fake due to the unnatural optimism. However the ending follows on well to the book "The Crossover", which "Rebound" is a prequel to.
Charlie is quite a believable and convincing character, just like CJ and Roxie. Charlie develops throughout the course of the book and becomes a better basketball player. The interactions between the characters are convincing and the characters are revealed extremely effectively through the poems.
I would recommend this book to younger children, although it may be too simple for older readers.

Posted on: 3rd June 2019 at 02:19 pm

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