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Haaniah, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

Bone Talk

"Bone Talk" is a book by Candy Gourlay about a young boy, Samkad and his journey to become a man and fight as a warrior. It is set in the Philippines, a unique setting for a fictional children’s book.
There is a good distinction between narrative and dialogue and they work well together. The setting is developed and explored in detail, which I really appreciated.
The plot is constructed well and allows the reader to view the invasion by the American through Samkad's eyes. The events all follow on from each other, although do seem somewhat fragmented in parts. The ending of the book is believable and works well in the story. The main theme of the book is growing up and coming-of-age and Gourlay explored that theme very well.
Samkad and Luki (his best friend) are both believable characters and Samkad greatly develops throughout the course of the story. However, Luki could have been more developed as a character, and that may have been an interesting storyline to explore. The interactions between the characters were very convincing, although the characters could have been revealed more effectively.
I would recommend this book to slightly younger readers who like adventure.

Posted on: 3rd June 2019 at 03:14 pm

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