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Poppy, St Helen and St Katharine

The House with Chicken Legs

Marinka lives with her grandmother in a very unusual house – a house with chicken legs. Every so often, the house will decide to travel to a new place, never staying in the same place for too long. The places the house goes are always very desolate with few or no people. She longs to stay in one place long enough to make friends.
But Marinka is bound to the house for reasons she doesn’t know and also by the fact that when her yaga grandmother dies, she will have to take on the responsibility of guiding the dead on their journey to the afterlife – a responsibility that Marinka does not at all want.
Marinka must decide between the outside world or her grandmother as she tries to escape her planned future. On her journey, she discovers the power of true friendship, who she really is and the real reason why she can’t go past the gate...
This was one of my favourite books and I thought the sense of adventure as well as the heartfelt moments made it a bright and gripping folk tale. I thought the plot was very well constructed and didn’t let you get bored! The heroine was everything you would expect – headstrong and witty. You expected her to do all the things she did, but they were not always the right things. The characters were well defined and stuck to their characteristics, like the wise, old yagas. There were quite a few twists in the book and you often didn’t see them coming!
The mood was quite spooky but at the same time happy as the mood was often set to how Marinka was feeling. I think all ages would enjoy this book as it is full of surprises! I absolutely loved it!

Posted on: 4th June 2019 at 08:45 am

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