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Oliwia, St Augustines Catholic College


Rebound is a fictional book, that follows the story of a teenager, Chuck Bell. Following the death of Chuck's father, Chuck is in a bad place and struggles to do anything, but read comics. After his mother sends him to his grandparents during the summer break, he finds himself on a basketball court.
The character's have a dynamic nature, meaning by the end of the book, their personalities and actions changed compared to the beginning of the book and how they are introduced. This makes the character development steady throughout the story. The atypical plot also moves steadily and the characters' decisions always keep the reader on-edge. The addition of a comic-book style adds to the unique concept.
Overall, i enjoyed this book because it had a concept that I have never seen before and would recommend it to anyone. This is because it shows how people can do what they love to cope with their problems and has a positive message to never give up.

Posted on: 4th June 2019 at 02:24 pm

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