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Subiksha, Xenial Readers of Rushey Mead

A Skinful of Shadows

What I would first start off about the book is how interesting it is and how slowly things get revealed. It gives you a real shock when you find out that something is not what you think it'd turn out to be and it turns a whole new different direction. You meet various characters with different behaviours and their little secrets which slowly guides you to the person's history. I would recommend this to people who enjoy mystery. The book also has some history as this was around the reign of King Charles I and the fight between the parliamentarians and the monarch.

The book starts off with a bit of horror as it talks about how this girl called Makepeace has horrid, blood-curdling dreams about ghosts trying to get inside of her. She's been having these dreams for a very long time and her mom's hiding things about it from her. Her mother gave her lessons and used to put her in graveyards to teach her how to keep ghosts out of her body. Before she was born her father left them and her mother often said 'you don't know what I saved you from'. One day her mother tragically dies because of Makepeace's mistake thinking that she found her father but left her mother in a stampede of warriors. Mother's death left her homeless so she lived with her aunt and uncle.

One day a ghost went into her. But not a ghost of a human but a ghost of a bear. She slowly started changing to understand the bear.

Her aunt and uncle were really poor and couldn't afford to feed her. After a few days some weird men came to take her away as they were her fathers living relatives. For many years she was working in the house and she also meets her brother. As time goes along he finds out about spine-crawling reasons why she has nightmares....

Overall, I loved reading this book because it was interesting to find out what's going to happen next and find out all of the characters' personalities. This would only suit people who are patient with reading long books. I rate this book an 8/10.

Posted on: 4th June 2019 at 07:09 pm

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