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Amy, Larkmead Secondary School

Long Way Down

Long Way Down was another book written in verse, and I always have my reserves about those, because I prefer rich descriptions. However, every time I read one, it seems to teach me something more about how you don’t need lengthy paragraphs to craft a whole world. I think that’s what Jason Reynolds did with this book. Despite few words, the story seemed to run deep, with layers of emotional meaning and struggling with grief and what’s right. It rang true with me – when someone hurts who you love, you want to hurt them. That’s natural. I loved how this was portrayed in such an intricate and imaginative way in this book – and in the elevator. How I interpreted it, Will’s thoughts came alive, personified by those he had lost, and the smoke created the sensation that he’d lost the way. That he didn’t know where to turn, and was suffocating on that. This book had an amazing plot, and the story was portrayed perfectly. I would argue, in fact, that this story suits verse a lot better than it would suit paragraphs, clogged with description. This book has taught me a lot, and I don’t think I’ll perhaps be so prejudiced towards poetry books again!

Posted on: 2nd April 2019 at 07:51 am

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