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Kamran, Xenial Readers of Rushey Mead

The House with Chicken Legs

This book was extremely fascinating, however it started very slowly. It is about a girl called Marinka, a young, curious girl. Her Grandma is a Yaga, someone who guides
the recently dead through the gate, and the house they live in is immensely weird; it moves round the world maybe 3-4 times unexpectedly a year, limiting the amount of friends that Marinka can make because as soon as she consolidates a friendship she will have to move again away from them, this makes her very unhappy. Her Grandmother wants her to become a Yaga, however Marinka doesn't want anything to do with it. This was a great read that starts off slowly but is an amazing book overall. I would strongly recommend this book for anyone that loves books about fantasy, or adventure.

Posted on: 6th June 2019 at 09:21 am

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