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Mrs S, Oakgrove Mad Hatters

The Poet X

It has been a long while since a book has had such a powerful effect on me.

I have recommended this to so many students as I am sure they will love it.

Our lead character is a gifted poet but shies away from the limelight and keeps most of her work to herself – written in her precious notebook for her eyes only. In school she writes the most beautiful and eloquent work only to keep it and to submit a good but unremarkable piece for her teacher.
Despite this her teacher can see he potential and encourages X to take part in a Poetry Slam – which is a bit like an open mic event for poets.

At home Xiomara (X) has a twin brother and parents. Mum is a very religious woman and is having problems facing the fact that X is growing in to a voluptuous young woman. She sees sin in everything that her daughter does. Dad is disengaged and takes very little notice of X.
The twins share a best friend, and their lives are sent into an emotional hurricane when each twin finds that they are falling in love.

Posted on: 2nd April 2019 at 11:32 am

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