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Tara, Loreto College

Long Way Down

This is a very interesting book. The book is set in a time of gun violence. The main protagonist, Will, has just witnessed his brother's death.
Will has to follow a set of rules: No crying, no snitching and always get revenge. He sets out with his brother's gun tucked into his waistband. However, as he goes down the elevator, the door opens on every floor, and Will is confronted with a different figure from his past ( who each have been a victim of gun violence.) They ask him questions about his plan. As each of them speak Will realises how much of his own story has been unknown to him and how carefully woven they are.
This book is written in free verse poetry, so I found it very easy and quick to read. I did not like it or dislike it, however, it was very interesting with the structure of the plot. It finishes on a cliff-hanger which left me thing 'what will happen next?'. I would recommend this book if you want a light and easy read.

Posted on: 2nd April 2019 at 11:43 am

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