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Charlotte, St Helen and St Katharine

Wed Wabbit

Fidge is having a bad day. As usual, her younger sister has brought all her toys shopping and when she sees a new Wimbly Woos book she forgets everything else. And they’re in there so long the flipper shop closes. Which is where Fidge wanted to go, though as usual only Minnie matters. On the way back home Fidge walks with her head down, scuffing her shoes, picking up Minnie’s toys every five seconds……. But then Minnie drops Wed Wabbit, her favourite. The toy Fidge hates, with its smug mouth and button eyes. And instead of picking it up, she kicks it. It feels so good that she does it again. And it lands in the middle of the road and Minnie runs after it and there is a squeal of breaks and Minnie is lying on the ground and then there’s an ambulance and……….

Yellows are timid, Blue are strong
Grey are wise and rarely wrong
Green are daring, Pink give cuddles
Orange are silly and get in muddles
Purple Wimblies understand
The past and future of our land.

Now Fidge is in a bigger mess. She is trapped in the land of the Wimbly Woos and a dictator who cannot pronounce the letter ‘r’ and she has a series of impossible clues to work out and Wed Wabbit is sapping away the colour of the land. And Fidge has to fix it.

This book is hilarious. The adventure to find a cuddly toy and defeat 3000 Wimbly Woos is such a funny, different idea that you can’t help loving it. The author expresses the mixed feelings of being the older sister with extra twists that you wouldn’t expect. Really there is nothing bad about it!

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 09:37 am

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