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Lakhi, St Catherines Catholic School

Bone Talk

The second book I read for the Carnegie was Bone Talk by Candy Gourlay and I have to admit I liked it more than I thought I might. Historical fiction is not what I normally choose to read, but the 19-20th century Philipino history was actually nice to know about when woven into Samkad’s story. I enjoyed the fact that this story is set in a totally different time-zone and place (which I did not know much about before reading this) to my life; I would describe this book as my journey back in time through a foreign world.

Bone Talk explores the effects of colonialism on the natives of the tribe – shows us how difficult their lives were – and reminded me to be really grateful for everything we have in more developed countries. Also, this book touches on responsibility as a child and as we grow up – another really important thing we I got out of this book. I noticed a strong range of vocabulary; the use of words such as ‘exhilaration’, ‘vengeance’ and ‘dwindle’ effortlessly widen children’s vocabulary (which is beneficial for all subjects).

I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars due to it being interesting to read and promoting some great topics like independence. Personally, it wasn’t a 5 out of 5 book for me (historical novels are not my thing) and I noticed that there were short sentences everywhere - Gourlay has overused them, making them annoying and no longer effective.

Posted on: 10th June 2019 at 03:47 pm

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