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Rahma, TCOLC Perfictionists

Long Way Down

To me this book was a masterpiece and intrigued me until the end. I often find myself losing interest in a book due to its repetitiveness, however the change in the style of writing was needed.It was a quick read that did not stretch on too long. The book held an educational value as it discusses the confusing, sad, and angry feelings that accompany grief. It also shows the main character's quirky coping mechanism: coming up with anagrams, such as "FEEL = FLEE" and "COOL = LOCO." Readers learn what these word puzzles are and find examples throughout the book. This type of book would greatly appeal to kids in school who often comment on hating books.It is short and written in slang building a connections between these kids and their everyday lives. It also holds a message for teenagers in situations similar to the character of the book. This is greatly appreciated and deserves to be recognized.

Posted on: 10th June 2019 at 10:02 pm

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