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Amelia, Oxford High School


Charlie Bell dreams of being a star basketball player, he wants to be a superstar and wants to win. When he is caught doing something wrong by his mum he is sent off to stay with his grandparents, away from his friends Skinny and CJ, for the whole summer, which puts a stop to his plans. The summer looks to be terrible but it gradually improves. His cousin Roxie plays basketball and by playing with her he slowly improves.
Rebound is an engaging book. It is about normal things but is still really good.It is written in verse and grabs your attention. The author makes simple things feel like the most important in the world, Charlie's worries become your worries, it is amazing. This book is suitable for ages 10+ and is a great read. Enjoy the different approach to writing and give it a go. Everyone should love this book.

Posted on: 11th June 2019 at 08:34 am

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