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Sophie, Colyton Grammar School

Saint Death

Saint Death is a very graphic book with lots of violence. I thought it was clever how the first chapter only made sense once you'd finished the book. There were points about politics and immigrants that really got me thinking and changed my perception. However I didn't like the plot at all as I couldn't sympathise with the characters.
The main character did some really stupid things and could've avoided being killed easily. The characters weren't that realistic because of the bad decisions they made.

Saint Death had a bad writing style as I didn't care what happened. It confused me how there were random emails and news reports at the end of some chapters which didn't seem to tie in with the plot at all. The descriptions also confused me as to what was going on.

Even though it did have some interesting political views on immigration and life in Mexico, I would not recommend Saint Death.

Posted on: 6th May 2018 at 04:59 pm

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